Who has never dreamt of a personal stylist to help find the right outfit for a night out, an important meeting, a date or just hanging out with friends?

Camilo can help you make the right choice for every occasion.


First step "A few questions". Before meeting Camilo, you will be requested to fill out a form so he can get to know you better. Easy as pie. Nine questions have to be answered, and you’ll need two pictures of yourself to send to him.

That’s all. Then, you can get started….

Camilo will come to your place so you can both have a look at your wardrobe.
Body shape will be the first topic. Once assessed, Camilo will help you find the fabric,
size, color and cut of the clothes that suit you best. Please show him all the clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, you have, so he can make the best of your


What does Camilo offer? Eight different outfits for various occasions, only with the clothes you already have. Details are important and none of them should be neglected. So please, show him everything you have. From head to toe, you will look at your best without spending a penny for new clothes. Pictures of the outfits will be taken so you can remember how to do it again.


It usually takes four hours to go through a whole wardrobe. Specifics will be discussed. You may have clothes of sentimental value - your mother’s
fur coat or a piece of jewelry that your grand-mother gave you. Don’t think they are out of taste or date. If they are important to you, then, you should wear them, and Camilo
will help you combine them just right. What matters to you, matters!


However, after going through all you have got, you might realize that something is still missing. Camilo can also help you with this. This is the second step.

A few days later, you will be sent a document that summarizes everything that has been discussed or done, from body shape, pictures of the outfits, links towards
websites for online shopping you might want to consider… and much more. All the tips will be included, so you do not lose track of the work that has been done.


If you want more, more can be provided : from personal shopping, to finding the right hairstylist for a complete makeover experience.

You are beautiful, attractive and confident, and Camilo will enhance this feeling so you can be at the top of your game.