Camilo Klinger

Graduated from a degree in Fashion Production in Montevideo, Uruguay, Camilo has an eye for beauty and a strong sense of style. That is why he dedicates himself to help others to improve their look.

He created his own production of Fotoshooting,video project, and a fashion show, but now took a new turn in"Helping women & men " with there image. In the beautiful & Exotic district of Montevideo, he welcomed his first clients,  worked as a Personal Shopper, which implies creating several outfit combinations.

All the shops in the capital were used to see him walking around with men and women, and his success grew faster as he thought.

" Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself " coco Chanel

This sentence is Camilo's motto. His aim : helping people with their image in the respect of their personality... He always says < I do not want to change people as if they were a marketing product, I wanteveryone to feel comfortable, beautiful and confident with what they wear>

Strong of this experience, he came back with a new concept, but this time in Europe. He started developping this idea in France, and nowwill be located in Berlin.

He developed a fantastic idea of Fashion consulting. It´s now in your dressing room, in the confort of your home that you will find Camilo for a private session. His services :

-Assessment of your morphology. 

-Creation of outfits with the clothes you already have. 

-Personal research for future online shopping.

Amix of creativity, professionalism and personal help, these are the elements what define Camilo the best.

We wish him a lot of success.